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This page is dedicated to the athlete who is dedicated to bring their “Game” to the next level. You have worked your tail off to maximize your performance, only to notice that in 2-5% of the time, there could be better consistency in results. Have you considered that the next move may not be a better golf club, new wax layer on that snowboard, more streamlined bike design, or even better boxing gloves? The human body has specific physiological parameters that when adhered to, performs at its maximum! Over 85% of our population has imperfect posture, including a mal-aligned dental bite. Science has proven over & over again, that when the body’s skeletal system is aligned properly, the muscles that support those bones and skeletal system are freed up. This completely unlocks the body’s natural potential to perform.

Roseville Dentist offers Agility Guard

Kenneth Carson, a local professional Snowboarder who wears an AgilityGuard, here in action on the slopes.

For many world-class athletes, such as Liam Ortega, Giddeon Massey, and 8-time Gold Olympic Champion in Speedskating Apolo Ohno will attest, we have found that this corrected posture gives the minimum additional 2-5% necessary advantage to cut their track times down, address that hard curve on the track, or even push the body to the next level/limit. This translates to increased Range of Motion, Burst Strength, Flexibility, and endurance, due to increased airway! As an athlete, do you deserve to have an advantage over your competition? Do you deserve Gold, or are you just content with Silver? The AgilityGuard is unique in that the proper alignment of the lower jaw corrects for forward head posture, which then takes pressure off the neck and shoulder muscles, which then, in turn, frees up the whole body to perform at its maximum. You deserve to try it to believe it! Simple tests can be done to determine if you are a candidate for this next level of performance!

I am not an athlete, yet can I still benefit from an AgilityGuard Neuromuscular Mouthguard?

The answer is an absolute Yes! Although originally designed for the athlete in mind, the AgilityGuard has everyday applications, including basic teeth protection and anti teeth grinding properties. This PDF illustrates that.

A dentist told me I needed an orthotic/orthosis. Why couldn’t I get an AgilityGuard instead?

Although the AgilityGuard and a medical orthotic/orthosis are based on the same core principles, the actual design, materials, and many other nuances differentiate the two for different uses and purposes. The following PDF explains the main differences.

More great information on what the AgilityGuard concept has been able to accomplish can be found here on the Facebook site for AgilityGuard of Northern California, where there are plenty of pictures, videos, and testimonials available!

More intuitive information about a properly trained clinician of the science of the Optimized Bite can found here at