Platelet-Rich Plasma vs Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Implant Dentist Helps Patients Heal Faster

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Implant Dentist in Roseville Uses Cutting-Edge Dental Technique to Promote Faster Healing

Roseville, California implant dentist, Dr. Arthur Kwan uses cutting-edge dental technology to help patients heal faster after dental implant treatment.

Roseville Implant Dentist Dr. Arthur Kwan prepares the centrifuge to capture PRF

Roseville Implant Dentist Dr. Arthur Kwan prepares the centrifuge to capture PRF

In fact, they are helping patients heal faster after dental implant surgery. By using a patients’ stem cells in surgical implant dentistry cases Dr. Kwan offers this natural aid in bone regenerative surgery. This advanced implant dental technique is Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF). The process spins a patient’s blood in a centrifuge during treatment. Using this biomaterial in a surgical implant area post-treatment aids in defective bone heal faster. In some cases, sutures are not required. Roseville implant dentists, Dr. Kwan and Dr. Hsu use the latest scientific methods available to dentists. This minimally invasive technique with low risks can promote faster healing for their patients.

This dental technique is a good natural choice and uses the patients stem cells to promote faster healing.

Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists use a similar advanced technique. A patient’s blood runs through a centrifuge to collect the healing properties from the plasma. Implant dentists near you are using PRF during dental implant treatment. Dr. Kwan is seeing success with their Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln patients.

Platelet-products such as PRF help angiogenesis, hemostasis, osteogenesis, and help with bone growth. A patient’s plasma can do this is because of the growth factors it carries to promote the healing process.

How Platelet-Rich Plasma Differs From Platelet-Rich Fibrin (Technical Definition)

Dr. Kwan uses a PRF centrifuge to help healing for implant patients.

Dr. Kwan uses a PRF centrifuge to help healing for implant patients.

Platelet-Rich Plasma is a result of the double spin method using a centrifuge — a hard spin to separate red blood cells from everything else in the autologous (or whole) blood and a soft spin to separate the platelets and white blood cells. The result is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Platelet-Poor Plasma (PPP) and Red Blood Cells.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin or PRF is a newer method. After the first centrifugation, the middle layer is taken—which contains fewer platelets but more clotting factors. This forms a fibrin network and traps in the cytokines. It is then put in a PRF centrifuge resulting in PRF, a fibrin layer containing platelets and plasma. Roseville implant dentist Dr. Arthur Kwan then places PRF on the surgical implant site after the procedure to promote faster healing times.

Implant dentists can use this technique in implant dentistry as a natural and satisfactory aid in bone regenerative surgery in elderly patients with favorable results and low risks.

High-tech implant dentists offer the latest in dental technology in Roseville. They use the PRF technique after implant treatment to help promote faster healing times. Dr. Kwan and Dr. Hsu are ready to reset your expectation of a dental visit.